Celebrating the 4 Seasons                                                Celebrating the 4 Seasons

Feedback from collectors of Haw Creek Forge copper garden sculptures:

"ABSOLUTELY, Delightfully, Stunningly BEAUTIFUL!!!

All the products I have purchased from y'all have been amazing.

But they are AMAZING in person!!!

When I randomly logged onto your website I caught my breath when I saw the sweet new additions, they were gorgeous on the website but what a treat to come home to tonight after work.  Thank you so very much for adding such joy around us!!"

"Fabulous products!!!!!!  Ideal for our nature-based shop." 

   "Good morning – I was out at the store yesterday and noticed that our order had arrived. I absolutely love the bats and  the online picture of the butterflies does not do them justice, they are beautiful. The colors are fabulous. Thank you so much for expediting!"

    Laurie, a wholesale customer--"We can't have too much of your work "

    "The quality shows through on each piece.  The Praying Mantis and Butterfly I bought 6 years ago look the same today as the day I bought them!"

    "The funky garden art is perfect for gifts."

    Many customers at art shows are thrilled to share with us what pieces they have in their collections of copper sculptures-- "I have the Snail, I have the Butterfly, I have the Dragonfly and I gave the Bat to my best friend."  

    A recent customer ordered a number of butterflies to join the company of his 20 butterlfies spread throughout his lovely property!  

    "She LOVED it, and called it EXQUISITE - and she is NOT one who is prone to exaggeration!"

We thank all our loyal customers,

The folks at Haw Creek Forge