Made in the USA One of a Kind GiftsMade in the USA                                       One of a Kind Gifts

Continuing the tradition of handcrafted in the Blue Ridge mountains, Haw Creek Forge has handcrafted whimsical and unique copper sculptures for over 20 years.  

Feedback from our collectors:

   "Good morning – I was out at the store yesterday and noticed that our order had arrived. I absolutely love the bats and       the online picture of the butterflies does not do them justice, they are beautiful. The colors are fabulous. Thank you so much for expediting!"

    Laurie, a wholesale customer--"We can't have too much of your work "

    "The quality shows through on each piece.  The Praying Mantis and Butterfly I bought 6 years ago look the same today    as the day I bought them!"

    "The whimsical pieces are perfect for gifts."

    Many customers at art shows are thrilled to share with us what pieces they have in their collections-- "I have the Snail,     I have the Butterfly, I have the Dragonfly and I gave the Bat to my best friend."  

    A recent customer ordered a number of butterflies to join the company of his 20 butterlfies spread throughout his lovely     property!  

    "She LOVED it, and called it EXQUISITE - and she is NOT one who is prone to exaggeration!"

We thank all our loyal customers.

The folks at Haw Creek Forge