The CollectionThe Collection

Gardener, copper watering can, yard art
dog, dog is love, copper dog, cocker spaniel, metal dog
rooster, chickens, fowl, copper rooster, made in USA rooster
cat, copper cats, calico, metal cats,
magenta,  very beautiful butterfly, rose, fushia, copper
fish, coy, copper fish, rainbow fish, catfish,Father's Day Gifts, garden art
Hummingbird, morning glory bloom, feeder, hummingbird feeder, copper hummer
Ladybug,  yard stake, handcrafted, copper ladybug, garden art, USA made
butterfly mobile, mobile, movement, kinetic, copper. outdoor use
Birds, wren, Carolina wren, made in North Carolina, copper birds
Nest, Carolina wren, north Carolina, birds,outside, copper, USA made, garden art
Birds, wren, carolina wren, branch, north Carolina, fruit tree, copper, patina
Hummingbird Feeder, copper, morning glory, feeder perch, made in USA
Owl, copper, wise old owl, copper owl, handmade, made in USA
handmade, one of a kind, crow,raven, murder of crows, Asheville, NC mountains
murder of crows, crow in tree, copper, field birds, raven
Bat, sleeping bat,  Halloween, October, made in America
copper mosquito, buzz, bugs, summer bugs
Insect eating, sleeping bat, flying, save the bats, Bat Association, metal bats
Cardinal, Blue Bird, birds in trees, NC birds
birds, tree, trees
Dogwood tree, dogwood flower, north carolina state flower, spring flowers, white
Copper Gingko Branch, gingko leaves, yellow leaves, asian decor, nature
large ginkgo, ginkgo leaves, yellow leaves, maidenhair fern
hangers, morning glory, jewelry hanger, towel hanger, kitchen hanger
copper ginkgo, wall hanger, bath hook, kitchen towel, jewelry rack
gingko, ginkgo, green, made in America, jewelry rack, kitchen use
Cricket, Asian good luck, copper cricket, River Arts District, Asheville, NC
Ant, pest, colony, insect, copper, Asheville art scene, River Arts District,
arts and crafts,  bugs, copper, new beginnings, change, copper,dragonfly
Dragonfly, graceful, copper, patina, weather resistant, gardenart, sculpture
dragonfly, graceful, elegant dragonfly, zen, yoga, copper
Praying Mantis, preying mantis, friend to gardeners, copper, insects, creepy,
Preying Mantis,Modern Artisans, stick bugs, Uncommon Goods, leaf, catalog
7th wedding anniversary, wedding gifts, copper gifts, everlasting, yard ornament
Divorce gift, divorce attorney, preying mantis ritual, head loss, copper gift
whimsical garden art, frogs, lily pad, Uncommon Goods, metal art
Frog on Lily Pad, copper,lily pad,copper frog, toad, pond decor, lake decoration
Leaping Frog, copper, whimsical, fun, patina
frog, leaping, crazy, copper,patina, north carolina, asheville arts
Bumble bee, sting, copper bee, garden art, yard stakes, handcrafted, handmade
Snake, copperhead, scary, halloween, patina, clear coat, everlasting garden art
Dangling Spider, hanging spide, halloween, scary, copper, yard ornament
whimsical garden art, frogs, lily pad, Uncommon Goods, metal art
Snail, copper, patina, whimsical yard art, slugs, slow, garden gift, metal art
Sunflower, copper, summertime, flowers, handcrafted in USA, seeds